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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Services Provider of Waste Water Treatment Chemicals, Industrial Water Treatment Chemicals, Coagulants, Flocculents, Demulsifiers, Microbial Cultures, Microbial Growth Regulators, Neutralizers, Thickeners, Conditiners. Our setup is situated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

Description :
With Proper Treatability Study Almost All Types Of Waste Water Can Be Treated Either By Physico - Chemical Or Biological Treatment. The Only Thing Is That The Selection Of Proper Chemical And Microbial Culture. By Considering The Above Theme And By Studying Various Industrial Effluents We Have Formulated And Developed (Tailor Made) Various Chemicals And Microbial Culture To Achieve Hundred Percent Results These Chemicals Are Not Only Effective But Also Economical Too.

Coagulants, Flocculents & Demulsifiers :

  • Number Of Various Inorganic And Organic Coagulants And Flocculants Are Used Singularly Or Compositely To Facilitate The Physico - Chemical Treatment Of Waste Water. We Have Formulated Composite Chemicals By Blending Proper Coagulants And, Flocculants As Per The Needs Of Various Industrial Effluents. Those Are Suitable For Oil Water Separation And For Settalability Of Colloidal And Suspended Matter.
  • Polycoag - P - For Primary Treatment Of Waste Water
  • Polycoag - S - For The Treatment Of Secondary Treated Waste Water
  • Polycoag - D - For Oil Water Separation (Primary Treatment )By Using Above Chemicals You Can Achieve The Removal Of Emulsified Oil, Color, Suspended Solids. Thereby Reduction In C.O.D. Of Waste Water By 25% To 40% May Be Achieved.

Microbial Cultures With Enzymes

At Present No.Of Various 'Mixed Cultures Are Used For Biological Waste Water Treatment Which effective But Not So Efficient We Have Designed And Formulated Specific Cultures Contains Synergistic Blend Of Specific Effective Microorganisms (Mutant Bacteria) And Enzymes Each Has Been Carefully Selected To Degrade Various Difficult Organic Matter. Tailor Made Microbial Culture Formulations Are, Result 'Oriented For All Types Of Effluents.

  • Aquamicul - O - Aerobic Culture Is Used In Aeration Tank
  • Aquamicul - N - Anaerobic Culture Is Used In Anaerobic Rector
  • Aquamicul - F - Faculative Culture Is Used In Lagoons & Ponds Also For Composting Process.

Microbial Growth Regulators

An Efficiency Of Any Biological Treatment Is Depends On Fast And Regular Multiplication Of Specific Microbes In The Reactor To Achieve Such Type Of Energetic Action. It Is Need To Provide Some Essential Elements (Nutrients) Along With Growth Factors (A Compound Can Not Be Synthesized From Other Carbon Sources) In Available Form. We Have Developed And Formulated Above Mentioned Specific Different Mixtures To Suit There Respective Needs Which Are Ready To Use And Very Effective.

  • Micronufac - O - Specially Designed Formulation For Aerobic Microbes, Which Is Used In Aerobic Reactor
  • Micronufac - N - Specially Designed Formulation For Anaerobic Microbes, Which Is Used In Anaerobic Reactor
  • Micronufac - F - Specially Designed Formulation For Odor Control In Lagoons & Ponds Also For Enhance Composting Process

Neutralizers, Thickeners, Conditiners and other chemicals

Various Effective, Eco - Friendly & Economical Neutralizing Agents For Waste Water, Sludge And Soil Conditioners, Thickening Agents, Soil And Plant Application Chemicals, Air Refreshers Are Available.

Call Us On : +91 - 94220 46974
Call Us On : +91 - 94220 46974